Blog: 24-Hour-Watches


This is a time-lapse video of the "Wundrwatch" watch from

I measured this watch:

The Wundrwatch is a fairly precise 24 hour watch. The standard deviation is close to a minute. This is the best result so far for a 24 hour watch. I like the anti-reflective glass and the clean dial. Therefore the watch is easy to read.


Slow Jo

This is a time-lapse video of the "Slow Jo" watch from

I ordered this model:

For me the deviation range of the Slow Jo is ok. I like the anti-reflection coating which makes the watch easy to read. The only thing I have replaced is the thick leather strap. It looks very good but because I sit the whole day in front of a computer I am more comfortable with a 22 mm wide NATO strap (in black). The NATO strap does not have such a big buckle and is less thick. An alternative would be a Slow Jo with a thin black leather strap:
slow Jo 05 - Black Leather, Silver Case, Silver Dial - Swiss Made