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Minuteman One-Hand

This is a time-lapse video of the "Minuteman One-Hand" watch from

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Welcome to This web site is all about single-hand watches. These watches have a particular charm. Because of their simplicity and because some manufacturers promise that you would perceive the time differently by wearing them. I will try to explain why I think this is true. But it is not easy. You really need to "feel" it yourself to believe it.

If I look at a normal watch with at least two hands, I read the time and translate it to something like "18:27" in my head. This is not much different than using a digital watch. I get the time and nothing more. With a single-hand watch there is an additional component: I get an overview of the day at first glance. For example: I instantly see how much time I still have before I go to bed etc. and all without calculations in my head. I see it directly. This is especially true for 24-hour watches, but it also works with 12-hour watches.