About WatchInMotion


Looking for a new watch, I discovered single-hand watches. I right away liked their simplicity and also the promise, that the time is perceived in another way. The latter is especially true with a 24-hour watch whose hand makes a complete revolution in 24 hours. I initially bought a single-hand watch with a 12-hour dial division.


However, I initially had trouble to set the time of the watch properly. Sometimes the watch was ahead and sometimes it was to late. The deviation of the actual time was - strangely enough - not the same and varied throughout the day.


Out of curiosity I wanted to find out how the hand of my clock moves throughout the day. So I wrote a special computer program. It works like this: A digital camera takes a picture of the watch every 30 seconds for about 24 hours. This are nearly 3000 images. The program detects the hand position in each image, computes the visible time and calculates the deviation to the real time. The result is a time-lapse video with a diagram from which you can read the deviation at any time of the day.


When I saw the video of my first single-hand watch, I was very surprised because I did not expect such a large variability. Unfortunately, the pattern of variation is not repeated by every watch each day. Maybe the hands of identical watches move somewhat differently too. Therefore my videos might not be usefull to decide at which time you can set your own watch.

How you can benefit

Even though the deviation curves may be slightly different for similar watches, yet the deviation range is an indicator how accurate a watch is. In addition you can see how easy or not so easy it is to read such a watch. I hope my videos are valuable for people who want to buy a single-hand watch.

I can measure your watch too

I'm always interested in making videos of more watches. If you already have a single-hand watch and want me to measure it, do not hesitate to contact me. If you allow me to publish the resulting video, it is free for you. If you are a manufacturer or dealer and want to support me, you can send me a watch which I will measure. In return I will show a link to your website inside the video and you can use the video on your own website if you want.

If you are a manufacturer of a watch which is presented here and you think that the watch I filmed is defective, please contact me. I'm happy to make a new video of a similar watch provided by you.

I wish you lots of fun looking at the watches,

Andreas Känner